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Gippsland Hills Accommodation with Amazing Views

Gippsland Hills from the Pond

View of hills from the pond

Up on the Gippsland hills tucked away in Neerim North is a historic getaway aimed to please.

This retreat aptly named Fieldstone House was built in the Gippsland hills using local bluestone and fieldstones from the area and the original part of the house was built over 100 years ago.  You can feel the history around you when you walk in and some of the photos provide a great visual of what life was like back then.

If walking’s your thing?

So what can you find here?  Well if its peace and quiet you are looking for then look at this accommodation  in Gippsland because sits on 150 acres of hilly land and backs onto the state forest.  Some of the trees around the place are as old as the house, if not older.   If walking is your thing then you will certainly enjoy the workout because walking around this land takes stamina.  If you venture into the forest you might be lucky to hear or see some of the animals that live there.  Be careful though – it’s a big forest with big animals.  Otherwise the only sounds that are heard are from native birds and some frisky cows that happily graze.   

Beautiful Gippsland views.

This part of Gippsland is so hilly that no matter where you stand on the property you are confronted with nature lending an artistic landscaping hand and if you find yourself at the pool then the views from there are absolutely breathtaking and leave you wanting to stare endlessly.

The large fire place in the living room enjoyed best during the colder months with a glass of red and a good book or movie is a great way to warm up a cold evening.  The pianola in the sitting room can fill the house with old tunes.  Children especially gravitate to it to discover their musical potential.